“We used to advertise in the local paper every week, but we don't bother with that any more ... It's got to the stage where I expect to find at least one new client in my inbox when I go to work on Monday morning.”

Dominic Goward - Personal Injury Solicitor

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and understanding over the past year ..... I am now getting around 1000 unique visitors to my site a month and have had enquires that have led to profitable work. In turn over the last year I have been able to employ over 20 people for contract work. The site you build also has given me the credibility need to establish a foot hold in a market place that craves credible companies.”

Graham Jones - CleaningHospitals.co.uk

“Due to the nature of our business it has been difficult to target new customers ... Bernard's expertise has given us a steady stream of new customers that want us to CONTACT THEM. This remains the case over a year later ...”

Stephen Bratt - Bratts Ladders