What's different about a “Mobile Website”

Good question. If you look at a normal “desktop” website on your mobile phone, you'll notice that you can't do very much with it.

  • There's too much “stuff” crammed into a small screen.
  • You can't read anything without zooming and scrolling.
  • You can't navigate around the site (unless your thumbs are the size of a hamster's!).
  • It's difficult - if not impossible - to work out how to contact the business.
  • You can't get directions to the business' premises.

What about a “responsive” site?

A responsive site is one that “moulds” itself to the screen size on which you're viewing it. The layout changes to suit the screen size.

This is certainly better than doing nothing to accommodate the needs of your mobile visitors - and it can be the right solution. But there are good reasons why you might do better to have a dedicated mobile site.

For example, do you really want your mobile pages to contain all the information you present on your desktop pages? How clear will that make your message appear on a small screen - however it's formatted?

How compliant will your pages be with W3C requirements for a mobile site? (You're restricted to 20KB per page if you want 100% mobile compliance. That would be extremely restrictive for a desktop site.) We guarantee that all our mobile pages will score at least 90% W3C mobile compliance.

You'll want your mobile site to have prominent "Click-to-Call" buttons - and the facility to give the visitor interactive directions to find you. You wouldn't want to waste space on your desktop site with features that a desktop visitor couldn't use.

What happens if someone visits my desktop site using a smartphone?

We provide a small piece of code which your webmaster can put into your desktop web pages. It will detect when a vistor is using a mobile device - and automatically redirect him to your new mobile-friendly site. (We will install it for you if you wish.)

And if your visitor really wants to view your desktop site on his smartphone, there'll be a “Desktop” link on every page allowing him to do so.

What should I do now?

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